Vanessa Campbell

Vanessa Campbellā€™s fifteen-year career includes content, communication, and integrated marketing management at leading banking and engineering companies. She also taught advertising concept and design at a global online university. Vanessa is proficient in Confluence, Dreamweaver, Flare, FrameMaker, InfoPath, RoboHelp, SharePoint, Vignette, and WordPress (online content); Adobe SiteCatalyst and Google Analytics (online analytics); InDesign and Photoshop (graphics); Salesforce and Vision CRM (contracts/clients); and MS Office including Access. She can code in C#, CSS, HTML, XML, PHP, JavaScript, and jQuery, and she has experience with ADA/508 compliance, IA/UX design, SEO/SEM practices, and W3C standards for websites. Vanessa earned a BA in English from the University of Tennessee in 1999.