who is "hally?"

hally aka Haruhisa Tanaka is a Japanese historian focusing on video games as well as video game music. He is also active as a chiptune musician for more than 20 years, especially known as the originator of Japanese chip music scene. 
As a history researcher he contributes mainly to "Gameside" magazine. As a musician he works for commercial music albums and video games - along with  powerfully performing chiptune live/dj-ing.

Attracted by video game music (vgm) since his childhood in the 80s, he has always been aware of its nature of "sound chip music". In the 90s he started composing and performing music, then established Japan's first net-label named Kamishimo Records which focused on FM-synth chip.  

In 2001 he launched VORC, a legendary web site for chiptune news and information, and also started his activity as a writer. For Japanese people VORC became the baptismal place to know the word and concept of chiptune.

In 2004 he expanded his research not only to chiptunes/vgm but also the history of video game itself. He posted some pioneering researches to his blog classic 8-bit/16-bit topics as well as  Gameside magazine. 

From 2006~2009 he was responsible for EGG MUSIC, the one and only download distribution service specialized in video game music, and had placed more than 6000 rare songs on the catalog. Nowadays he works for various vgm products (from CD albums to remix projects) for various music labels including Claris Disc and Super Sweep. 

As a writer/reviewer
Gameside (Micro Magazine)
[book] Falcom Music Chronicle (Chara-Ani)
[book] OK, Let's Hear the Game Music! (Micro Magazine)

As a composer/producer
[BGM] Battle Dodge Ball 3 (Bandai Namco Games, PSP)
[BGM] Mighty Gunvolt (Inty Creates, 3DS)
[BGM] Shooting Yuusha (GMO, Android)
[BGM] Kira Kira Star Night (RIKI, NES)