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Halloween Tinkering is on Blogger: http://halloweentinkering.blogspot.com/

We put these pages together to celebrate a mental illness that we disguise as a love for Halloween and tinkering on props.

Our guiding principles are to spend little or no money (way too much time is okay) and avoid anything requiring an air compressor. Oh, and real skill must be optional.

Working an actual deer corpse into a prop was very laborious. 

Building a corpse from scratch was a fun project with rewarding results. 

The Body Slinger was intended to be a large dramatic effect (typically reserved for the pneumatic-enabled) operated with a good old fashioned DC motor. The weather (three straight days of rain) and poor planning prevented its completion as an automated prop. But we still scared the bejeezus out of some folks!

Both the Ghost and the Grave Grabber are simple, silent, continuous operation props. This eliminates the complications of triggering systems and audio playback/motion synchronization.


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