This is Bob, a simple motorized grave popper we made this year from instructions on Haunt Forum.

We started with a foam skull cast in two-part foam, sealed with glue and corpsed with construction adhesive. Two red LEDs installed in the eye sockets and teeth made from hot-melt glue completed the look. The head was then secured on a rod (in this case bamboo) to be attached to a simple crank mechanism driven by a 12-volt motor.

His hands are made from segmented hot melt glue sticks corpsed with the construction adhesive technique. The gravestone is blue insulating foam mounted to a plywood base with a 2X2 upright motor mount. A reclaimed PC power supply provided 5-volts for the LEDs and 12-volts for the motor.

This is an easy project and a great cute-scary combo for young ToTs.