(Prerequisite:  Honors Criteria) 
This course will examine all aspects of the planet we call home, Earth!  Students will learn about outer layers of the Earth (lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere) while studying topics such as contour mapping, rocks and minerals, weather and climatology.  Students will learn about the inner layers layers of the Earth (inner core, outer core, mantle) while studying plate tectonics and earthquakes.  Additionally, students will learn about Earth's place in the solar system and universe while studying revolution, the moon, star life cycles and galaxies.

An additional requirement of the Earth Science Honors (8th grade) program is the completion of a course project.  Students enrolled in Mrs. Hallock's classes will participate in the IGES Earth Day Photo and Essay Contest as the project and will be required to take a photograph depicting change in their local environment during the week of Earth Day (April 22-29) and submit an essay about the change taking place in the photograph.
This course prepares students for the Earth Science Regents Examination.


                     GRADING POLICY
                     Homework        10%
                     Labs                    35%
                     Tests                   55%
A total of 1200 minutes of laboratory time, with accompanying reports, are required in order to be able to sit for the Regents Exam.
Labs are graded as follows:
 20%    PreLab                                  
 20%    Lab Write Up       
 20%    Conclusion & Learning Statement
 40%    Lab Quiz        
Please be advised that a minimum average of 86 is required to maintain Honors eligibility. 
A minimum average of 86 is required to maintain Honors eligibility in Science for the following year.  Students not maintaining an 86 average will NOT be removed from the course unless requested by a parent and/or recommended by a counselor.  Please see the PARENT PAGE for more details.