Welcome to HMS Band

I am thrilled to be joining the HMS community and can't wait to make amazing music with the hard working musicians of Hall Memorial School! This website is still under construction but will become a valuable resource for students and parents. Check out the different pages to access info and feel free to send me feedback if there is a resource you would like added.

The dust is starting to settle from the start of the school year and we are getting into our routine. Please keep the following in mind:

  • Band binders must be with you at every rehearsal and sectional. We will be further organizing your binders in the next week or so and your first graded binder check will be at the end of October
  • Practice charts with parent signatures are due every week at your sectional. They will be accepted up to two days late for a reduced grade
  • If you miss a sectional, you must make the lesson up either before school or after school. Talk to Mrs. C to arrange a time.