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Active video clips of auditions and performances:

2017.03.08; Hallie Anderson; Audition (Zoe)

Hallie Anderson; 2017.02.27; Audition Callback (Josie)

Hallie Anderson; 2017.02.20; Audition (Josie); First Time, Cold Read edited

Hallie Anderson; 2017.02.12; Monologue 1 (Jessi)

Hallie Anderson; 2017.02.12; Monologue 2 (Jamie)

Hallie Anderson; 2017.02.12; Improv 1

Hallie Anderson; 2017.02.12; Improv 2

Cedar Creek Eagle Singers; Bring on the Snow; 2016.12.06 ‎(web edit)‎

2016; Bring on the Snow (Musical); Miss Flurry; Eagle Singers

Cedar Creek Players; Pirates the Musical; 2016.12.01 (web edit)

2016; Pirates (Musical); Queen of the High C's (lead role); Cedar Creek Players

Pending clips:
2016; Annie (Musical); Jane; Kids Acting
2016; Rock & Roll Forever (Musical); Eagle Singers
2015; Grumps of Ring A Ding Town (Musical); Spirit; Eagle Singers
2015; Tangled (Musical); Bella; Kids Acting
2015; Grease (Musical); Margie, Cheerleader; Kids Acting
2015; A Kids Life (Musical); DJ; Eagle Singers
2015; Goal (Musical); Picky Patty (lead role); Cedar Creek Players
2014; Snow Way Out (Musical); Frostbite; Eagle Singers
2014; Frozen (Musical); Okin, and Kai; Kids Acting
2012; Go Green! (TV Commercial); Girl; Time Warner

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