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Hallie Anderson 
Name: Hallie (pronounced to rhyme with alley)
Location: Austin, Texas
Age: 11 years old
School: 5th grade
Texas Work Permit #: LL-75 (1014)

Height: 4' 8" (142 cm) 
Weight: 66 lbs (30 kg) 
Hair: Dark Blonde/Golden Brown 
Eyes: Blueish Green 
Shirt: USA Youth 10-12
Pants: USA Youth 10-12
Shoes: USA Youth 4-5
Bust: 25" (63.5 cm)
Waist: 23" (58.4 cm)
Hips: 27" (68.6 cm)
Upbeat, confident, and sweet
In the Gifted & Talented program at school
The youngest of six (6) children
High emotional IQ
Hobbies & Interests:
Music, Sports, Choreography, Cooking.
Can make ANYthing out of paper and tape! 
Education & Training:
2015-2017; Acting and Scene Study; Zach Scott Theater
2016-2017; Musical Theater; Zach Scott Theater
2009-2016; Gymnastics; Champions Gymnastics
2014; Act-the-Story; Zach Scott Theater
2017; Forgive Me Father (I Am Sin) (Book Trailer; Pre-Production); Cass
2017; Alone (Short Film; Post-Production); Alex
2017; Pixie Sticks (Short Film; Post-Production); Jenna
2017; Maranatha (Short Film; Post-Production); Church Goer
2016; Bring on the Snow (Musical); Miss Flurry; Eagle Singers
2016; Pirates (Musical); Queen of the High C's (lead role); Cedar Creek Players
2016; Annie (Musical); Jane; Kids Acting
2016; Rock & Roll Forever (Musical); Eagle Singers
2015; Grumps of Ring A Ding Town (Musical); Spirit; Eagle Singers
2015; Tangled (Musical); Bella; Kids Acting
2015; Grease (Musical); Margie, Cheerleader; Kids Acting
2015; A Kids Life (Musical); DJ; Eagle Singers
2015; Goal (Musical); Picky Patty (lead role); Cedar Creek Players
2014; Snow Way Out (Musical); Frostbite; Eagle Singers
2014; Frozen (Musical); Okin, and Kai; Kids Acting
2012; Go Green! (TV Commercial); Little Girl; Time Warner
Director Quotes:
"We had a great time working with her!"
"Loved her performance!"
"I don't have enough good things to say about Hallie. She took every curve ball thrown at her in stride!"

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