Graphical viewer for GEDCOM genealogy files (.ged) that allows you to pan tilt and zoom a family tree by dragging and pinching. Choose one individual as the base of the display. A tree of descendants and ancestors will be shown. It features:

 * Drag the view to scroll around.
 * Pinch with two fingers to zoom in or out.
 * Double tap on background to zoom in or out.
 * Single tap on a name to show more info.
 * Double tap on a name to base the tree on that person.
 * Long tap on a name to base the tree on that person.

To use your own gedcom files, they need to be transferred to  your device. This can be done in several different ways, including:

 * Mailing them to yourself and downloading them
 * Copying them over USB
 * Copying them to an SD card
 * Using online file services such as 

Once the file is on your device choose it in the Downloads app or in a file browser app such as My Files. You can also use the Open... button in the menu from within GedTree.

This app is available at the Android Market: