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Version 1.0

Stand: 03. August 2009
{3211,2221,2122,1411,1132,1231,1114,1312,1213,3112,1123,1222,2212,1141,2311,1321,4111,2131,3121,2113,000000,001001,001101,001110,010011,011010,011100,010101,010110,011010}➙List 6⤶ While 1⤶ ClrText⤶ " "⤶ " "⤶ " "⤶ " "⤶ " "⤶ Locate 1,1,"(1) BARCODE ➙ NUMBER"⤶ Locate 1,2,"(2) NUMBER ➙ BARCODE"⤶ Locate 1,3,"(3) CHECKDIGIT"⤶ Locate 1,5,"(0) CREDITS"⤶ ?➙A⤶ A=1⥤Goto 1⤶ A=2⥤Goto 2⤶ A=3⥤Goto 3⤶ WhileEnd⤶ Lbl 0⤶ ClrText⤶ Locate 2,1,"(C) STEFAN HALLER"⤶ Locate 17,2,"2009"⤶ Locate 4,4,"THIS PROGRAM IS"⤶ Locate 5,5,"FREE SOFTWARE"⤶ Locate 2,6,"(LICENSE: GPL V. 3)"⤶ Stop⤶ Lbl 1⤶ If (Dim List 1≠8) And (Dim List 1≠12)⤶ Then ClrText⤶ " "⤶ " "⤶ " "⤶ Locate 2,1,"Dim List 1 MUST BE"⤶ Locate 7,2,"8 OR 12!"⤶ Stop⤶ IfEnd⤶ If Dim List 1=8⤶ Then 1➙B⤶ 8➙C⤶ Else 2➙B⤶ 13➙C⤶ IfEnd⤶ Seq(-1,X,1,C,1)➙List 2⤶ Seq(-1,X,1,C,1)➙List 3⤶ For 1➙I To Dim List 1⤶ For 1➙J To 10⤶ If List 1[I]=List 6[J]⤶ Then J-1➙List 2[I+B-1]⤶ 0➙List 3[I+B-1]⤶ IfEnd⤶ If List 1[I]=List 6[J+10]⤶ Then J-1➙List 2[I+B-1]⤶ 1➙List 3[I+B-1]⤶ IfEnd⤶ Next⤶ Next⤶ If C=8⤶ Then 2➙D⤶ List 3[B]➙A⤶ Else 8➙D⤶ 0➙A⤶ IfEnd⤶ For D➙I To C⤶ If List 3[I]≠A⤶ Then -1➙A⤶ Break⤶ IfEnd⤶ Next⤶ If A≠0⤶ Then If C=13⤶ Then 1➙A⤶ For 2➙I To 7⤶ If List 3[I]≠A⤶ Then -1➙A⤶ Break⤶ IfEnd⤶ Next⤶ IfEnd⤶ If A=1⤶ Then ClrText⤶ " "⤶ " "⤶ " "⤶ Locate 3,1,"DIRECTION WILL BE"⤶ Locate 5,2,"CORRECTED..."⤶ " "◢ List 2⤶ For B➙I To C⤶ List Ans[C+B-I]➙List 2[I]⤶ Next⤶ If C=8⤶ Then Seq(0,X,1,8,1)➙List 3⤶ Else List 3⤶ For 2➙I To 13⤶ List Ans[15-I]=0➙List 3[I]⤶ Next⤶ IfEnd⤶ Else ClrText⤶ " "⤶ " "⤶ " "⤶ Locate 2,1,"DIRECTION COULD NOT"⤶ Locate 5,2,"BE DETECTED!"⤶ Stop⤶ IfEnd⤶ IfEnd⤶ If C=13⤶ Then For 0➙I To 9⤶ List 6[I+21]➙A⤶ For 1➙J To 6⤶ Int (A÷10^(6-J))➙D⤶ A-D✕10^(6-J)➙A⤶ If D≠List 3[J+1]⤶ Then Break⤶ IfEnd⤶ If J=6⤶ Then I➙List 2[1]⤶ 9➙I⤶ IfEnd⤶ Next⤶ Next⤶ IfEnd⤶ List➙Mat(2,3)◢ Stop⤶ Lbl 2⤶ ClrGraph⤶ CoordOff⤶ GridOff⤶ AxesOff⤶ LabelOff⤶ -63.5➙Xmin⤶ 63.5➙Xmax⤶ 0➙Xscl⤶ 13➙Ymax⤶ -7➙Ymin⤶ 0➙Yscl⤶ If (Dim List 1≠8) And (Dim List 1≠13)⤶ Then ClrText⤶ " "⤶ " "⤶ " "⤶ Locate 2,1,"Dim List 1 MUST BE"⤶ Locate 7,2,"8 OR 13!"⤶ Stop⤶ IfEnd⤶ If Dim List 1=8⤶ Then 30➙C⤶ 4➙D⤶ Else 44➙C⤶ 6➙D⤶ List 1[1]+21➙A⤶ List 6[A]➙A⤶ 6➙Dim List 2⤶ For 1➙I To 6⤶ Int (A÷10^(6-I))➙B⤶ A-B✕10^(6-I)➙A⤶ B➙List 2[I]⤶ Next⤶ IfEnd⤶ F-Line -C-3,10,-C-3,-2⤶ F-Line -C-1,10,-C-1,-2⤶ F-Line -1,10,-1,-2⤶ F-Line 1,10,1,-2⤶ F-Line C+1,10,C+1,-2⤶ F-Line C+3,10,C+3,-2⤶ For 1➙L To 2⤶ For 1➙I To D⤶ If L=1⤶ Then -C+(7✕(I-1))➙X⤶ Else 3+(7✕(I-1))➙X⤶ IfEnd⤶ If D=4⤶ Then List 1[I+(L-1)✕D]+1➙A⤶ Else If (List 2[I]=0) Or (L=2)⤶ Then List 1[I+1+(L-1)✕D]+1➙A⤶ Else List 1[I+1+(L-1)✕D]+11➙A⤶ IfEnd⤶ IfEnd⤶ List 6[A]➙A⤶ For 1➙J To 4⤶ Int (A÷10^(4-J))➙B⤶ A-B✕10^(4-J)➙A⤶ For 1➙K To B⤶ If Frac((J+L)÷2)=0.5⤶ Then F-Line X,10,X,0⤶ IfEnd⤶ X+1➙X⤶ Next⤶ Next⤶ Next⤶ Next⤶ If D=6⤶ Then Text 44,11,List 1[1]⤶ 1➙K⤶ Else 0➙K⤶ IfEnd⤶ For 1➙I To 2⤶ For 1➙J To D⤶ If I=1⤶ Then 64-C+(J-1)✕7+2➙X⤶ Else 64+3+(J-1)✕7+2➙X⤶ IfEnd⤶ Text 44,X,List 1[J+K+(I-1)✕D]⤶ Next⤶ Next⤶ Stop⤶ Lbl 3⤶ Dim List 1➙A⤶ A=8⥤7➙A⤶ A=13⥤12➙A⤶ A=7⥤0.5➙B⤶ A=12⥤0➙B⤶ 0➙C⤶ If (A≠7) And (A≠12)⤶ ClrText⤶ " "⤶ " "⤶ " "⤶ Locate 2,1,"Dim List 1 MUST BE"⤶ Locate 5,2,"7,8,12 OR 13"⤶ Stop⤶ IfEnd⤶ For A➙I To 1 Step -1⤶ If Frac(I÷2)=B⤶ Then List 1[I]✕3+C➙C⤶ Else List 1[I]✕1+C➙C⤶ IfEnd⤶ Next⤶ (Int (C÷10+1)✕10)-C➙C⤶ C=10⥤0➙C⤶ ClrText⤶ " "⤶ " "⤶ " "⤶ Locate 5,1,"CHECKDIGIT:"⤶ Locate 17,1,C⤶ If (Dim List 1=8) Or (Dim List 1=13)⤶ Then If Dim List 1=8⤶ Then List 1[8]➙A⤶ Else List 1[13]➙A⤶ IfEnd⤶ If A=C⤶ Then Locate 4,3,"NUMBER CORRECT"⤶ Else Locate 2,3,"NUMBER NOT CORRECT"⤶ IfEnd⤶ IfEnd⤶ Stop