This application brings a little variety onto your desktop! It changes your desktop wallpaper automatically after a preset period of time. At the moment it works with a Gnome and Xfce based system. Maybe other desktop environments will be supported in the future.


See subpage “Screenshots”.


See subpage “ChangeLog”.


DesktopNova uses the project hosting platform Launchpad. There you have access to the source code. You can also checkout the latest revision from the development branch.

Many precompiled packages exist for DesktopNova so you shouldn’t need to compile the source yourself. Have a look at DesktopNova’s download page.

If you are an Ubuntu user, you can also activate my PPA and so you can easily install the latest release of DesktopNova.



If you want to download and installed the precompiled packages you should read the manual for your distribution:

  • Ubuntu
  • Debian
  • Fedora
  • OpenSuse


A detailed manual is attached to this page.

More manuals

All manuals (also available in other languages) are synchronized with my Dropbox.

GPG signatures

All downloads are signed with my gpg key (id: F3666A6A / fingerprint: 94F6 C1EB 74D6 BEF0 8316 D435 D123 72C1 F366 6A6A)

To import my key you can use the following simple command:
$ gpg --recv-key F3666A6A

To verify the download you type:
$ gpg --verify <filename>.asc

Source Code

The source code (*.tar.gz source tarball) of every release is available from the project’s download page.

You can also checkout the latest revision from the development branch using Bazaar:
$ bzr branch lp:desktopnova


This project is only a one-man-project, and so I have not enough time for all shiny little things.
Primarily you can report bugs and submit ideas.

Another way to help is to translate the program. See DesktopNova’s translation page. If you want to know more you should read Launchpad’s translation overview.


I would be very happy about suggestions, wishes and bugreports. Feel free to contact me:

Stefan Haller
e-Mail: haliner[at]googlemail[dot]com

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