TANGERINES (Mandariinid) Estonia/Georgia 2015  1h 27min
(Russian, Georgian & Estonian with English subtitles)
Director: Zaza Urushadze 

With: Lembit Ulfsak, Elmo Nüganen 

Set in 1992, during the growing conflict between Georgia and Abkhazian separatists in the wake of the Soviet Union's dissolution, this tale focuses on two Estonian immigrant farmers who decide to remain in Georgia long enough to harvest their tangerine crop. When the war comes to their doorsteps, Ivo takes in two wounded soldiers from opposite sides. The fighters vow to kill each other when they recover, but their extended period of recovery has a humanising effect that might transcend ethnic divides. 

"It is tremendous storytelling: engaging, intelligent, and with some lovely touches."  Peter Bradshaw The Guardian