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For most of the area in and around Haliburton County, the stated frost free date is between May 2 and May 31. This wide a discrepancy can be  disastrous as aggressive growers may plant and transplant starting before the May 1st date gambling that frost will not occur when the young shoots appear above the soil.   There are many ways to advance the date: some of which are to grow the plants in greenhouses, use cold frame protection of beds and also use raised bed gardening techniques.  In recent years the frost free date has been advancing towards the first of May from the traditional May 24th date used in the past.  Watching weather reports closely and being prepared to cover the garden in the event of frost will help to mitigate loss through frost if planting early.  There are many vegetables that prefer the colder weather and may be safely begun as soon as the soil is workable. These include lettuce, peas, potatoes, and onions among others.  

David Hinks, Ottawa
No, Victoria Day is not sacred. In fact, long before Victoria Day, over half of my vegetable garden is planted. By then I am even harvesting and eating some of the early crops, such as lettuce, radish and spinach ...

Shane Rajapakse ­ Etobicoke

Crop rotation is not just for the farmers ­ it can be put to use in small plots of land as well...