7_2 Resources

Team Deliverable 7 Resources

From:        Lani Uyeno

To:             Hali’a Interns

Subject:   Team Deliverable 7 Resources


You may want to start Team Deliverable 5 by researching the following sites:

“On Memoir, Truth, and ‘Writing Well’” by William Zinsser 

“Memoir Writing Advice: Three Activities for the Beginning Writer" from Suite 101 .com  

 "Tips on Writing a Memoir"   

Feel free to research other websites for your Team Deliverable.  Be sure to include citations of the sources you use.

Your Team Deliverable 7 will be assessed using the following rubric.  Team Leaders, be sure to paste the rubric to the front of your final letter before submitting it to the Assignments folder. 

You are now ready to move to your Debrief.