Team Deliverable 5 Overview

Team Deliverable 5 Overview

 From:          Lani Uyeno, Manager

To:               Hali’a Interns

Subject:       Team Deliverable 5


Our company’s owner, Kathryn Schmidt, has a mother who is turning 98 years old next month.  Ms. Schmidt has planned a party with a hundred guests, in honor of her mother’s birthday and would like to present her with a memoir showing her mother’s unique character. What advice  could you offer her?

For Team Deliverable 5, your team is to write a letter (approximately 250 words) to Ms. Schmidt to answer her query.  You will want to do the following:

1.             Research the topic of character development in memoir writing.

2.             In your letter, share the best three ideas for character development, along with examples from your research. 

3.             Provide documentation so that Ms. Schmidt can do more research if she desires.

Be sure to read through the Requirements, Resources, and Debrief before beginning your work.