Team Deliverable 3: Overview

From:     Lani Uyeno, Manager

To:         Hali'a Interns

Subject: Team Deliverable 3



Your team has been assigned its second client, Susan Wakabayashi, who has been hired by Honolulu Magazine to write an article on her hometown, Wahiawa.  She would like to have some ideas for developing “a sense of place” from your team.

For Team Deliverable 3, your team is to write a letter (approximately 250 words) to Ms. Wakabayashi to answer to her query.  You will want to do the following:

1.             Research the topic of developing setting through use of sensory details.

2.             In your letter, include website addresses and brief summaries of three selected sources on this topic.

3.             Share with the client the two best ideas for developing a sense of place.

If your team leader has set up a conference time (via Elluminate) with me, I will "see" you on July 19 by appointment. The draft of your letter should be emailed to me by Monday, July 18, 8 am.  

You are now ready to read through the Requirements of this deliverable.