1_1 Requirements

Team Deliverable 1:  Requirements

From:     Lani Uyeno
, Manager

To:         Hali'a Interns

Subject: Requirements & Action Plan


I hope the project you are working on is going well.

Below is a suggested Action Plan to help you with your Team Deliverable 1.

1.             Work within your team and divide up the work.

2.             Perform Internet research searches on the memoir writing concepts of “showing” and “telling.” Remember to use different search engines if you are not getting quality sites with just one search. Go through the websites, taking notes of key concepts.

3.             As a team, draft or find an example of “showing” versus “telling.”  Be sure to provide documentation if the information is taken from a source.

4.             Draft your letter. If several people work on the document, make sure you go over it so the final version sounds like "a single voice." Use the Halia's Document Style Guide (see Laulima's "Resources" tool)  to make sure your document adheres to the formatting guidelines.

Everyone on the team is equally responsible for the final product. Take time to polish the document and make sure you are satisfied with it before submitting it.

Submitting Your Work:

Since I am managing several different projects at the same time, in order to help me to keep organized, be sure the project team leader submits all Team Deliverables via the Laulima's Assignment tool.  Paste the "Team Deliverable Rubric" to the top of document you are submitting, and be sure all team members' names are on the checklist and the team has reviewed the checklist carefully. Submit the deliverables by on their due dates by 11:55 pm.

Even though I am away, I am reachable by email. If you have any questions, please contact me.

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