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Team Deliverable 1: Resources

From: Lani Uyeno, Manager

To: Hali'a Interns

Subject: Resources

For Team Deliverable 1, some resources on the topic of showing versus telling include the following:

 “Tell, Don't Show” by Victoria Grossack

 "Common Pitfalls for Beginning Fiction Writers" by the OWL at Purdue

 Showing versus Telling” by Renni Browne and Dave King

  “On Writing” by Robert J. Sawyer

You are welcome to find other websites that address this topic. Be sure to include citations of the sources you use.

Your Team Deliverable 1 will be assessed using the following rubric.  Team Leaders, be sure to paste the rubric  to the front of your final letter before submitting it to the Assignments folder. 


Team Deliverable  #                   

Team Leader:

Team Members:









Clearly responds to purpose(s) (defining, identifying sources)




Response provides examples from reading selection(s).





Relevancy of examples clearly discussed.





Response is clearly written with minimal errors.





Letter format and style are appropriate.




Sources are documented appropriately.




 (Late submission = minus 10 points)

 Possible = 60 points

 Points Earned:

You are now ready to move to the Debrief.