9_1 Drafting/Draft Sharing

Individual Deliverable 9:  Drafting and Draft Sharing

From:     Lani Uyeno

To:         Hali'a Interns


Using the ideas you learned from researching Team Deliverable 7, revise your memoir so that it is ready for publication.  What ideas for revision do you plan to incorporate?  What changes do you need to make in your publication memoir so that others can experience what you did?  How can you provoke thought and self-reflection for your readers, based on your memoir?  

After you have completed your revised draft, you will have an opportunity to share your revision with a classmate and get feedback to help you with your final version.  Post your memoir draft as an attachment to the 5.1 Discussion Forum by the due date listed on the Daily Assignments tool. Title the posting " Publication: Your Name." 

After the deadline, select a partner from your team to exchange drafts.   You need to complete your critique of your partner's memoir by Wednesday, August 10, noon.

Remember, your draft should be double spaced with your name and the word count on it. 

Once you get back your peer critique, you are ready to finish your memoir. 

Move on to Final Draft for instructions on how to complete and submit your memoir.