8_1 Getting Started

Individual Deliverable 8:  Getting Started

From:     Lani Uyeno

To:         Hali'a Interns

Subject: Getting Started and Drafting

John Steinbeck gave a friend the following suggestions to get started on his memoir writing:

"Don't start by trying to make the book chronological. Just take a period. Then try to remember it so clearly that you can see things: what colors and how warm or cold and how you got there. Then try to remember people. And then just tell what happened. It is important to tell what people looked like, how they walked, what they wore, what they ate. Put it all in. Don't try to organize it. And put in all the details you can remember. You will find that in a very short time things will begin coming back to you, you thought you had forgotten. Do it for very short periods at first but kind of think of it when you aren't doing it. Don't think back over what you have done. Don't think of literary form. Let it get out as it wants to. Over tell it in the matter of detail -- cutting comes later. The form will develop in the telling."


You might begin your Individual Deliverable 8 by reading through the focused freewrites you have worked on in the last few weeks.  Which ones resonate for you?  Make a list of your favorite five topics.  Then select three that hold the most promise.  Finally, whittle your list down to your favorite one.  Then take all you have learned from the reading and writing you’ve done and write your draft of memoir #4.

When you have completed your draft, move on to Draft Sharing.