Individual Deliverable 8: Overview

Individual Deliverable 8:  Overview

From:     Lani Uyeno

To:         Hali'a Interns

Subject: Overview of Assignment

Individual Deliverable 8: A Memoir of Your Choice

Your Individual Deliverable 8 focuses on a 1000 to 1200 word (approximately four or five double-spaced word-processed pages) memoir, focusing on a topic of your choice that is based on your personal experience. Read through all the focused freewrites  that you have written over the course of the summer session. Which one would you want to develop into a longer memoir? After you select a focus, develop a draft; then revise your memoir so that your reader will be able to visualize what happened and can learn from your experience.


Please note: as with Individual Deliverables 2, 4, and 6, you will write a draft for peer critique, and the final draft will be submitted via the Assignment tool. Please check the Daily Assignments list for due dates. The final draft of your memoir is worth 100 points: timely participation in the peer critique is factored into the final memoir grade.

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