4_2 Draft Sharing

Individual Deliverable 4:  Draft Sharing

From:     Lani Uyeno

To:         Hali'a Interns

Subject: Drafting Sharing

The time has come for you to share your writing with other interns. We did this process of peer critiquing when we did a memoir focusing on an event. This is your opportunity to get feedback about your memoir.

Posting your Draft

Post your memoir draft as an attachment to the 2.1 Discussion Forum. Title the posting "Sense of Place: Your Name." Please consult the Daily Assignments tool for the due date.

Remember, your draft should be double spaced with your name and the word count on it.

Click here if you need to a reminder of how to post attachments to the Discussion Forum.

How to Critique

Within your team, select two peers to complete the critique for this assignment.  You will do the same for your teammates and will post the critique response by Thursday, July 21.

Once you have selected your critique partners, you will need to download your peers' memoirs, read them, and answer the questions available on the 2.1 Discussion Forum. 

When you get your peer critiques back, you are ready to finish your memoir. Click on Final Draft for directions.