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Working in Teams

TO:                    Hali’a Interns 

FROM:              Lani Uyeno,  Manager

SUBJECT:        Teamwork

Teamwork is essential to your success. Before your team begins meeting, and whenever you encounter problems within your team, review these resources on how to improve your team skills.

Working in Teams and Groupwork  is a good resource on describe the main features of working in teams, the processes that affect team effectiveness, the main features of project management, and theories on effective leadership.

Fastfacts: Collaborative Group Work  provides a practical approach with solutions to challenges commonly encountered by teams.

Effective Meetings  is a good resource on improving the effectiveness and quality of your team meetings. I suggest you adopt some of these when you hold your own team meetings.

If you encounter team conflicts and are unable to resolve the conflicts on your own, as your manager, I will help to mediate to find ways to effectively work together so we can further the work at Hali’a. Please read through the Working with Tasks memo that follows this one.