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TO:                Hali’a Interns 

FROM:            Lani Uyeno,  Manager

SUBJECT:      Orientation

Aloha and welcome to Hali’a. As your manager, I strive to develop productive and functional relationships with you and your team. I have been a manager for five years and support your success as an intern at this company.

Hali’a interns are selected for their adaptability, creativity in problem solving, and professionalism in conduct and teamwork.  Like many other businesses, we value individuals who communicate clearly and know how to get projects done efficiently and effectively.
We hope your experiences over the next six weeks will help you gain confidence in your ability to support others with their writing, and to help you with our own writing.  The following ideas may be helpful to you in your internship:

1) Be proactive and stay in communication.

Please check your email regularly. Announcements and updates will be made by email and I will assume that you have read them. 
We will be using a variety of available online tools to share information, project schedules, agreements, resources, and results.

2) Manage your time

Time management is essential to your success on this challenging project. You should plan to spend 50% of your time on reading and research. See the Working with Task section of this Orientation for additional suggestions on time management and to learn the process I recommend for completing tasks and presenting your solutions to your colleagues.

3) Address performance issues in your team

As teamwork is essential to our company’s success, we have provided the “Working in Teams” section of this Orientation that you may use to build team skills.  Since you won't initially know the full extent of your team's capabilities, negotiate the initial scope of work for each member carefully, suggesting concrete tasks each member can be responsible for.  If problems emerge, address them as soon as possible so that you can negotiate them within your team and complete your task on schedule.

I welcome and we look forward to having you succeed and become a valued member of Hali’a’s team.