TO:               Hali’a Interns 

FROM:          Lani Uyeno,  Manager

SUBJECT:    Welcome

Congratulations on your selection as an intern at Halia’a.  As you know, the selection process was formidable, and your expertise with language, proven ability to work as a team, and interest in writing your own memoirs were major reasons for your selection.  You have six weeks of very exciting work ahead of you.

Hali’a, a Hawaiian term meaning a memory, a fond recollection, is in its fifth year of service.  To date, we have provided online assistance to over 8,000 clients as they have written, revised, and polished their work for publication.   The support you provide to our clientele will include feedback that is not only helpful, but also kind, compassionate, and supportive of their development as writers.

Part of your internship also requires that prepare your own memoirs for publication, providing peer responses to members of your team in the following areas:

                Story structure and development.

                Character development; plot; depth and breadth of story.

                Believability and accuracy.

                Changes needed to bring the work to a professional level.


To begin our work, please read through the Orientation memo that follows this one.