"Feral Instinct" (Thread)(Players Guide)

Sneak / Marksman Leveled 
Sneak Toggled
Hostility Life + Death Detection

Beta Testing...V0.5c

Featuring In-Sync Heart Rate Sound FX For Immersion

By addiktive & DragoonWraith

Quest Teaser:

"...You dream of yourself as a child once more lost in the sewers beneath your home town. The tunnels writhe and wind in the same way you recall them, twisting like the insides of a gigantic snake that has swallowed you whole. Rather than the fetid waste of the sewer from your past, this channel shifts with putrid bile and gastric acid, and you feel that if you were to step into it your flesh would melt and become one with the relentless flow, feeding the snake that imprisons you. You wander tearfully, lips dry, skin stretched tight across your aching bones, coughing dust and tasting the salt in the precious water streaming down your face. A chamber is entered, one that you should recognise. Yet here there is no table strewn with cups and pitchers, coins and old faded cards, the table that you eventually came across as a child. Here there is only emptiness, and a sound of distant footsteps echoingloudly in your chest. You feel afraid. There was nobody down here before, your dream has warped events and seems to be taking a sinister turn, and even though you know you are dreaming, part of you is desperate to awaken to avoid what may come. The footsteps have a peculiar scraping quality to them and sound too fast, as if what approaches is moving at an unnatural speed. They are louder than they should be, and it almost feels as if the ground might begin shaking with the force of the footfalls. Louder and louder they become, and your heart feels as if it is hammering powerfully in time as the unknown approaches. From around the bend ahead of you a shadow looms on the wall, previewing the unnatural shape of whoever is about to emerge around the corner. The shadow is not of a human, but is one you find strangely familiar and unsettling. You can take this no more, and turn to flee before you are confronted with the sight that you fear might otherwise make your heart explode.
As you turn, time seems to slow down, the scene becomes blurred, but not before you complete the turn and find that someone has been standing behind you all along...........To be continued..."
Beta Versions: [Non-Public, Beta testers only]

In Progress - 0.5d – 
Setup menu–Leveling–New Shaders–More options
 -Full Quest Story and Danger Sense Ability Implementation




Dead Mudcrab:

Menu Setup:

Completed - 0.5c - Purple cloud for DEAD creatures/npcs - tweaked colours

Completed - 0.5b - Full Script Rewrite by Dragoon - Introduced Pulse effect and SFX

Completed - 0.4 - Original Version without Hostility and Sound FX: Download: Here

::Please Read Me : To Fully Understand The ‘Danger Sense’ Function::

Official Danger Sense Players Guide

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0.4 - Original Version without Hostility and Sound FX

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