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Chevelle's New Cd - Vena Sera

My Zen V Tin

My Zen MP Tin 

My Second MP Tin

Sand Game

SoundTaxi Platinum 

I've entered Southern Polytechnic State University for my first semester in the dorm. My access to the torrent tracker and networks is blocked and even when bypassed averages at 8 bytes per sec. Additionally, the Gnutella Network is blocked (Kazaa, Grokster, Bearshare, Limewire)

I now rely on your support for files and upadtes. 
If you find a file that i need or just dont have, go to YouSendIt.com and send the file to HalfTwitch@gmail.Com

Thank You


I do not support outright piracy, please do not get that opinion.

These files are for those that payed for it or tryed to and the installer would not work for various reaons: Windows 64bit, used a download manager, or anything else.

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