A website dedicated to the construction of an accurate 1/2 scale replica of a 1937 Aero Douglas Motorcycle
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Tools / Components

ArcEuro Trade
Suppliers of engineering tools, machinery, CNC, bearings and more

Axminster Tools
Suppliers of a large and varied range of tools and equipment

HPC Gears
Manufacturer & stockist of gear transmission products

Simply Bearings
Bearings, Oil Seals, Clips, Adhesives   

Bearing Boys
For all your bearing and power transmission needs

J&L Supply
Suppliers to Industry for everything Engineering Related

First 4 Magnets
Supplier of High Performance magnets in all shapes and sizes

Build Sites

Paul Boscott

Project to make a 1:12 Scale Model Extrusion Press

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Good resource for IC engine builders and Model Enginers in general

Models, Workshop, Events, Forum, Classifieds etc.

CDI Ignition Systems for Model IC Engines (US Based)

Model Gas Engine Ignition Components

No description needed really

The world's smallest spark plugs 

Supplier of many IC engine designs inc. a kit of parts to make your own sparking plugs!

CNC / Computer Stuff

The Home of Mach 3 and LazyCam & a great CNC support forum

CNC 2D and 3D cutting programmes 

Freeware stl file viewer and manipulator 

Converting Gcode to 4th Axis


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Model Steam Engineers Forum