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A website dedicated to the construction of an accurate 1/2 scale replica of a 1937 Aero Douglas Motorcycle

Half Size Specifications

The 1937 Aero "62.5" Douglas

Engine:  62cc horizontally opposed side valve twin.  Deep groove ball bearing big-end bearings.  All from solid, no castings used except cylinders and heads.

Carburetter: Scale replica of the Amal carb manufactured in Brass and nickel plated.

Ignition: Tim6 Electronic Ignition Circuit with minature Coil in Magneto Housing placed on top of the engine as per full size OR a small simple circuit im currently working on.

Lubrication: Scavenger pump, lubrication via spray bar over crank.

Clutch:  Specially designed all enclosed flywheel clutch for ultra-light operation,  As per full size with round cork inserts.

Gear Box:  Yet to be thought about

Transmission:  6mm Primary chain, rest yet to be thought about.

Frame: Solid steel bar / thick section tube in 7/16", 1/2", 9/16" and 5/8" straight section, shape as per full size with built up nuckles all Silver Soldered.

Forks:  As per full size.

Brakes:  4.5" cast iron brake drums, semi-servo.

Tank:  Steel tank as per full size.

Mud Guards:  As per full size construction.

Saddle:  yet to be thought about.

Tyres:  Kenda K131 10" x 2.5 front and rear on commercial chromium plated rims with bespoke hubs as per full size.

Silencer:  As per full size.

Stand:  As per full size.

Electrical Equipment:  Home made dynamo mounted on timing casing, front and rear lights, voltmeter.

Tools:  Yet to be thought about.