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Spark Plugs

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I had a nice parcel arrive - it was a piece of corian - pink corian to make a pair of LODGE spark plugs from.  Sadly the colour isn't pink enough. Sad 

On the way into town I passed a kitchen show room and saw that they had a rack of the entire corian range.  Next day I took the old spark plug along and compared it with the samples in the shop.  The shopkeeper obviously wanted to know what I was upto as a bloke with a spark plug in a kitchen showroom stands out a bit.  After explaining that I was after a sample he suggested that I email the corian website and they would provide a sample in the colour I wanted. 
Sweet Violet was the closest available so that afternoon I sent an email off and three days later I received a 2" square 12mm thick sample of corian!  Enough to make 3 or 4 spark plugs.  It's not the perfect colour I know but it's not bad and it was free!

So, if you need some white or pink corian or any colour under the sun for spark plugs and dont do it too often - ask for a sample.  If you dont ask you dont get!

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