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A website dedicated to the construction of an accurate 1/2 scale replica of a 1937 Aero Douglas Motorcycle

Photographs of the AERO 500 

My machine at a local show (1997)

1937 Aero Douglas © Matt Probert Photography

Charles Vyse's 1937 S6 Douglas Aero Twin (courtesy of www.kynoch-douglas-parts.com)

"There was a particularly nice fore and aft Douglas Aero 500cc with a wealth of history owned by a Mr Allison, which had come all the way from Hampshire. The bike had been dispatched from the factory in 1936 to Pride and Clark, then distributed to and sold by Jenkins and Purser of Bournemouth. In its early life it had been fitted with a sidecar but a catastrophic accident demolished the chair and seriously damaged the forks and frame. A new frame was acquired and by 1963 it was back on the road and still in the Bournemouth area. The present owner had bought it as a box of bits in 1979 and carried out the entire restoration himself."  (courtesy of www.realclassic.co.uk)