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Building a Workshop

A website dedicated to the construction of an accurate 1/2 scale replica of a 1927 Aero Douglas Motorcycle

In this section I will be going through how I set up my new workshop after a house move, including laying the base, insulating, electrifying and choosing a suitable layout.  Even a small space such as my 10ft by 8ft workshop can hold allot of stuff.  Please be aware that these pages should not be taken as instructions, they are here to show how easy building a workshop can be.
The first thing you need to think about is size.  You will never have enough space and when you think you have, something will always come along to fill it.  So, the question is not how large do I need it but how large can I get away with?  I have found this to be decided not by the engineer who will spend hours working inside it, but by the wife or girlfriend who thinks she will lose her partner to a wooden building, or as it has become known in my house, the 'other woman'.  
Sadly, here in the UK, most newly built houses come with gardens about the size of a postage stamp, which is another deciding factor in workshop size.  There is a point where it would be easier and more economical to fit a roof between the fence panels and have an undercover garden / machine shop in one.  I decided that a 10ft by 8ft shed for my size of garden is about right and will do me nicely.  It is sat in the shady area of the garden to protect it from extreme temperature changes that cause condensation and rust  The back is sat away from the fence by about 12" to allow for painting and the right hand end is sat a little over 24" to give me a space for my small brazing hearth and to hide the wheelie bins.  

Inside the shed, I have to share the space between my full size Douglas motorcycle and my machinery and a bench.  It will be a tight squeeze but if you have space to stand comfortably, you have space to get more in!  It's a good incentive not to eat to much.  

It may look like a garden shed, but it's not, it's my new workshop.