A website dedicated to the construction of an accurate 1/2 scale replica of a 1937 Aero Douglas Motorcycle

I have included this page here because I owe alot to my friend Malcolm Stride, who passed away September 2009.  Without Malcolm's support and nudging I would not have started building model petrol engines.  As a member of the Reading Society of Model Engineers, his opinions were widely sought and will be missed.  My feelings go towards those that called him a friend as I did.

The first model petrol engine I built can be seen below ( A little dusty) and is the 15cc Lynx engine described by Malcolm in the Model Engineer Magazine (commencing issue 4273) under his pen name 'Nemett'.  It was a nice engine to build, simple, pleasent looking and worked well.  My water-cooled version won the Nemett cup at the 2007 Model Engineering Exhibition at Ascot, UK. 

I have a copy of his book '
Miniature Internal Combustion Engines' (Amazon Link) which provides a good insight into the design of IC engines and is really helpful and worth purchasing for the wealth of information inside and the fact that I doubt another batch will be printed. 

Malcolm has designed 3 engines but the only design available currently is the Lynx which can only be seen in the Model Engineer Magazine.  Currently his other designs, initially thought lost, have been found and should be available soon.  Please visit the Model Engineer Magazine website for further details.     

Malcolm Stride, sadly missed.