Makes 24 Servings 


   2 cups of PURÉED FRUIT (Fresh or Frozen)

   5 TBS GELATIN (or 5 envelopes)

   6-8 STEVIA PACKETS (or 1/4c Honey)


1. Purée fruit in a blender. You'll need approximately 3-4 cups of sliced fresh or frozen fruit to have 2 cups of puréed fruit depending on what fruit you're using. I thaw my frozen fruit in the microwave before puréeing.

2. Pour puréed fruit into a small saucepan and sprinkle the gelatin on it. Let it sit for a few minutes. The gelatin will make the purée look wrinkled.

3. Whisk gelatin and fruit purée until well blended.

4. Warm up mixture and then add your sweetener (either stevia or honey). 

*IMPORTANT: Do NOT let mixture come to a boil! You only want to warm it up. You should be able to easily touch the mixture without getting burnt. Taste to check the sweetness. You can add more stevia or honey (or both) depending on your desired sweetness.

5. Pour into silicon molds or glass baking dish. To make it easier, I pour the mixture from the saucepan into a pourable 4-cup measuring bowl so that it's easier to pour into the molds. 

6. Let the gummies gel in the refrigerator for a couple of hours OR put in the freezer for approximately 20-25 minutes. I always put mine in the freezer so we can eat them up sooner!

7. Pop the gummies out of the molds (or cut squares from baking dish). If the gummies don't pop out easily or if they don't leave the molds clean, they haven't set up fully yet. Leave them in longer.

8.  Store the gummies in a sealed container in the fridge. They will keep 5-7 days.

Note: This recipe will not work with kiwis, mangoes, guava, papaya or pineapples. The fruits break down the gelatin and won't let it set up.

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