Welcome to my ePortfolio!

This ePortfolio is designed to display what I've learned during my journey in the Master of Science Instructional Technology program at The University of Southern Mississippi.

Contact Me:  Haley.Long@eagles.usm.edu 

My journey in the Master of Science Instructional Technology program began in May 2014 after being admitted to the graduate school at The University of Southern Mississippi. In May 2012, I received an undergraduate degree in Administrative Communication with an emphasis in Instructional Technology. After graduation, I landed a job working in the eLearning Department at Meridian Community College. My interest and passion for technology and higher education began to grow. From my growing passion of technology and education came the decision to further my knowledge and education through Master's degree. Upon starting the program, I moved positions at Meridian Community College to become the Director of eLearning. Through the projects and content in graduate courses, I have been able to apply my knowledge and experience to my current work. This program has afforded many new and innovative ideas on technology and pedagogy. 

Navigating the site
To access each of the standards, click on the name of the standard in the top navigation menu. Each standards page contains an overview of the standard, my reflection, artifacts for each standard, and my future learning goal. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me by clicking on my email address above or typing Haley.Long@eagles.usm.edu. Thank you for taking the time to visit my ePortfolio site!