The Most Dangerous Game

List of Characters:
                ~General Zaroff (Major)
                ~Sanger Rainsford (Major)
                ~Ivan (Minor)
                ~Whitney (Minor)

Indirect Characterization vs. Direct Characterization
                Indirect Characterization-- writer introduces characters through their actions and words, rather than direct descriptions
                Direct Characterization -- writer introduces characters with direct descriptions (EX: She is blonde. He was mean.)

                Most Dangerous Game uses both direct and indirect characterization
                Crisis: sets up all conflict in the story
                              -- Rainsford falls off his boat onto a mysterious island, where he stumbles upon General Zaroff's lair.
                 Conflict: internal and external conflict
                      Internal = struggle within
                                    Person vs. Self
Rainford vs. Self
                      External = struggle between two opposing forces
                                     Person vs. Beast, Person vs. Machine, Person vs. Nature
                                     Rainsford vs. Zaroff (& Ivan)
Resolution: when all conflict is resolved
                                      ~General Zaroff is killed
not always the end of the story
Setting:     time and location in which the story takes place
                       time not important in MDG, location: mysterious jungle island
Theme:     what the author wanted to convey when writing the story; lesson readers should learn, reason for the main character's actions
                    MDG = pride, fear, and sportsmanship
Point of View: 3rd person limited-- reveals thought process of character but only from the view of an outsider; you know as much as the character does