The Merseyvend Halewood 5k has a new Grand Prix competition. The competition with awards to the winners is an annual one.

Each year there will be an individual male and an individual female winner announced based on performance over their best 6 races. The winners could be club runners or unattached runners.

There will also be a best male team and a best female team award. This is based on performances over all the races in the year. The male team will be based on the performance of their best 5 runners in each race and the female competition will be based on the performance by their best 3 runners in each race. 
This competition will have awards for the best A team from any club  in both male and female categories.
For any unattached or non-club runners, the top 5 in any race will automatically  be grouped into a virtual 'Everyday Athlete Club'. It will be interesting to see how they compare with a clubs A, B or C sides.
If a team who normally has 5 male or 3 female runners each month can not muster the full complement one race, then a dummy score will be added for any missing runner(s) based on the position of the last male or female runner.

The third competition in the Merseyvend Grand Prix is the Community Team award. This is just which club has covered most miles across all races in the year.

Further details of the competition and current standings can be found in the screens below.

There is a write up of the December 2013 race which appeared in the February 2014 edition of RUNNING FITNESS MAGAZINE.

derek hughes,
12 Mar 2014, 04:20