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AP students (and therefore College Bound students) write three main types of essays - but all of them have a few initial steps in common:
1) Read the question and figure out what the operational terms are.  Operational terms are the ones which tell the writer what type of "operation" they need to perform.  Below is a list of the most common ones and their meanings:
  • Compare - Show the similarities and differences between chosen things
  • Analyze - Explain why something happened by breaking it into smaller parts
  • Discuss - Look at multiple sides of the stated issue or question.
  • Evaluate - React to a statement, by labeling it "true," or "false," or some similar judgement.
2) Take careful note (circle, underline etc.) of any limitations such as years, topics etc.
3) Be sure you fully understand the question!  If you do not understand the question, there is very little chance that you will answer it correctly.
Next, you MUST pre-write.  (If you do not pre-write, you are pre-wrong!) The type of pre-writing depends on the type of essay question you're answering. 
Beyond these key steps, students must have a thesis for every AP World History and College Bound essay. To learn about writing a thesis, click here:  Thesis page
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