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Greenhouse Effect Simulation and Handout

Current Assignment Log -Click this link to view the current Biology Assignment Log for Mr. Feigal-Stickles' classes.

Systems and Scale Unit Reivew KEY

Cool Articles About Plants:

1. Plant Intelligence--Article 1 (long), Article 2 (long)

2. Products that come from plants--Article (short)

3. Native Uses of Plants--Article (short)

4. How to know when plants need nutrients--Article (pictures)

5. Plants that eat animals!--Article (Wikipedia)

Last Year's Plant Mass data (Click link and then download)

Biology Glossary: This site may help you with biology vocabulary

How to sign up for Edpuzzle

How to Do Quiz/Exam Corrections

Grading in Biology

Evolution Packet to Turn In: Due Friday, May 26

    1. History of the Earth Interactive Animation (handout)
    2. Handout: What are whales’ closest living relatives?
    3. Building Your Own Phylogenies Handout
    4. Evolution, Natural Selection and Adaptations Reading and Questions (handout)

Evolution in Action Website

Building Your Own Phylogeny

  1. Link to the DNA Sequencing Website
  2. Video Tutorial (Directions)
  3. Handout
  4. Instructions

Nathan Hale Library: Resources for the Mock Trial

Learn.Genetics: Chromosomes and Inheritance

PBS Nova: How Cells Divide

Central Dogma Web Activity

Activity--Six Kingdoms of Living Things

Whale Kiosk Online Activity--Website, Worksheet

Whale Evolution Video Clip (0:00- 11:00 in Episode 1, and 0:00-6:00 in Episode 2)


Natural Selection Video

Peppered Moth Simulation

Natural Selection Animation (Phet): Rabbits

Readings from Class, December 10-11

Misconceptions Reading

Survival of the Sneakiest

Acclimation vs Adaptation

Enter your Evo-Dots Simulation data here

Deep Time Interactive Animation

"History of Life on Earth" Stations--Find a copy of the student packet here

I. The Fossil Record (Information; Activities and Questions)

II. Human Evolution (Video)

III. Comparative Anatomy

IV. Radioactive Decay

V. Mass Extinction

VI. Plate Tectonics

Amino Acid Chart

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Plant Unit Review

Plant Unit Review Key (Answers)

Plant Time-Lapse Videos

Video Links

Welcome to the Evolution Unit

    1. Making Cladograms--Introduce on Tuesday. Half the class.
    2. Whale Kiosk--Introduce on Tuesday. Half of the class; two students per computer. (Handout, Website)
    3. Whale Video (Great Transformations, first 30 minutes) and Worksheet.--Wednesday, in class.