Oren Benjamin

Engineering Lead, Data Science @ Opower




At Opower we're combining energy data with behavioral science to help people use energy more efficiently.  We've already helped our customers save over $400M from their collective energy bills and we're just getting started.  >>



AddThis' now ubiquitous sharing tools reach 1.5 Billion users each month.  My work at AddThis involved transforming this firehose of web traffic  into useful tools and actionable data.  The projects for which I was responsible include the  AddThis Analytics APIAddThis Share Counter, and stream-lib the popular open source java library of data stream estimators.  >>


Electronic Field Guide

The Electronic Field Guide project includes a prototype system for the indentification of a plant's species from an image of one of its leaves.

I conducted an anaylsis of the errors made by the existing IDSC-based shape matching approach and experimented with k-NN ranking.  >>

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Designed for use in the rapid prototyping of graph algorithms, GAL is a fully functional high level programming language uniquely suited to transform pseudocode into software. >>

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Morris is a champion Nine Men's Morris game playing AI.  Hardened in both training and battle, Morris employs a variety of heuristics, optimizations, and strategies to crush even the toughest of challengers.  Any takers?  >>

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The HeatWave team has designed and developed Electronic Call Sheet software to provide creation, storage, and search of call sheets for EMT services. The result is a 3-tier distributed system built upon the Java EE 5 Framework which meets the growing needs of the local ambulance corps while providing an extensible platform for future expansion via web services. >>

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Computational Learning Theory

Hierarchical Learning

To build systems capable of learning complex concepts, we need to extend the basic learning models to include learning from previously induced concepts. This paper includes a survey of published results related to the theory of hierarchical learning, as well as a general model with which to describe them. >>

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Circuits of the Mind

An exploration of Valiant's neuroidal tabula rasa and the implications of computational learning theory for understanding the human mind. >>
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