Thy Kingdom Come 2017

Some of our members have links with islands, such as the Scillies, and had promised friends that we would pray for some of the challenges of island living

One member created a prayer station to help us reflect on the story of Jesus meeting the woman at the well 

One of our young people created this interactive prayer station, encouraging us to remember those taking exams at school, college and university at the moment

A quiet space for prayer and reflection and just 'being' with God, at the back of our church

We prayed for our local area

A table for adults and children to pray as they play

The space of our recently refurbished church allows us to be creative now in different ways

One of our members is very involved with Amnesty International and brought these moving and prayer-provoking images to help us pray focus on refugees

The 'family tree' in the centre of the church was used to pray for people on our minds and in our hearts 

We read the news of the day, praying as we read and highlighting our concerns

We prayed for our world