Our Faith Stories

I am calmer and happier than I can remember.

I have had a strong belief in God since childhood but only decided to make a commitment to Jesus by being baptised when I was 21.

My loyalty to God has been tested many times in the past ten years and I haven’t always made sensible decisions, I’m getting more attuned to God’s will as time goes on.

Last year I suffered a miscarriage, my marriage was under pressure, I had nightmare neighbours, I fell pregnant again and at 8weeks almost died from blood clots in my lungs.

I clung to my faith that God knew best, whatever way things turned out it was His will and I wouldn’t fight it. I prayed.....

I gave thanks for the years I had been given, time spent with my husband, young daughter and our newly found church family here.

God’s grace overwhelms me!

I tried a few times after being baptised to find a church I could feel part of. This is the most welcoming church I have ever attended and felt accepted straight away.

We had tried to sell up and move from the village twice in recent years without success, I think God wanted me to stay in Halberton to discover the church on my doorstep.

I thank God for my second chance at life, for my family, church family and all the support I’ve been given from you all.

My faith keeps growing,

Chloe Gray

UPDATE Jan 10th 2015
I was thinking this afternoon, I really wanted to share with the church what a momentous year it has been, for our family especially, the safe arrival and survival of Hamish and I, the amazing spiritual growth I've experienced from being part of the Church family and within the wider village community - including learning more about Jesus and his relevance in our lives at the Christianity Explored course, going to various events at our Church, St.Andrew's and St.George's Tiverton and enjoying daily fellowship with several other Christian Mums.
My recovery from the Pulmonary Embolisms was miraculous, it was the turning point of my life and we were blessed further by getting to keep Hamish safe and well.
I am very thankful for everyone who prayed for us as I firmly believe our prayers make a difference. I now see God's handiwork on a daily basis, He is everywhere!
This Christmas was the best to date as we truly appreciated the birth of Jesus and the gift of being given the opportunity to share a happy healthy
Christmas and New Year all together.
Chloe Gray

To All at Halberton Methodist Church

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Geoff Page, I live in Cullompton and I have been coming to Halberton for about 3 to 4 months.  I am usually the one at the back playing with the sound desk in the newly decorated church.

I was brought up in Christian family in Bovey Tracey, went to the Baptist church, my family were all Christians and we were a happy family.  There isn’t a point in my life where I can say I became a Christian, it happened gradually, but I know I am.  I was baptised when I was 15 in my home church.

I left home in 1981 and started work on the Devon / Somerset border and after about a year I was asked to come to a Church Youth Group.  That youth Group was here in the old Halberton Methodist Church and run by Ken Browse, to cut a long story short, I met my x wife and in 1987 got married.  22 years later we separated and then got divorced.  Those early years of separation were hard but it was right for me to stay with my 3 boys at the family home and go to my church in Exwick, Exeter.  The church I was in were very supportive.  In 2012 we got divorced.

During this time I made the decision to change my job, this was so I was closer to home for the children, then due to circumstances I had to move from the family home in Exminster and moved to Cullompton.  I stayed at my home church for a while but as time went on I knew it was time for me to move on.  It was time to forget about the past and look to the future.  I left Exwick and started looking for another church to attend, which brings me to the reason for this ‘MY STORY’

I want to encourage everyone at Halberton Methodist Church.  The welcome I have received here has been tremendous and so welcoming.  What I have seen you doing here in this small village in the short time I have been here is very encouraging.  You are working within the community and trying to bring people in to hear the Good News.  You are a small congregation but you have got a very Big Heart.  Keep doing what you are doing.  I went to a few different churches before coming to you and as soon as I came I felt at home.  You welcomed me in which was a blessing.  Yes it helped that I knew some old faces from years gone by, but I have met some new faces which has also been a blessing.  It has been good coming back to this area and seeing what you are doing and what you are going to do in the future.   Be encouraged, God Bless You All.

There is a verse in the bible which has been a verse that I get encouraged by every time I read it and I would like to leave it with you.

Jerimiah 29 v 11

‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ says the Lord.  ‘They are plans for good and not disaster, to give you a future and a hope.’

This verse means so much to me as an individual person living as a Christian but it can also be relevant to Halberton Methodist Church.

God Bless You All