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  • Our research has been featured in different news outlets:                                                                          

   News 13:  STEM and blood: a crime-fighting combination                      

  • Our research was featured in Forensic Magazine, go check out the great article they wrote!                    

Congratulations to our GRADUATES! Rosie, Tom and Ami.
In this photo Rosie and Tom with Juliana (Grad student).

Well done guys! 

  • Our research has been featured worldwide in different newspapers, magazines and various news outlets!

New York Times: New Technique Can Identify Gender From a Fingerprint

Forensic Magazine: Identifying Gender From a Fingerprint

IFL Science: Scientists Can Now Tell Your Gender From Your Fingerprint

ZME Science: New fingerprinting technique can reveal if you’re male or female

Science Alert: New fingerprint technique can reveal whether you’re male or female

The Times of India: New method can identify gender from a fingerprint

Times Union: Fingerprint test can reveal person's sex

CBS 6 Albany – WRGB: Albany researchers take fingerprint IDs to new level

Time Warner Cable News – Albany: UAlbany Professor's Research Identifies Fingerprints As Male or Female

Technology Network: Identifying Gender from a Fingerprint

Red Orbit: Can you tell a person’s gender through their fingerprint?

Gizmodo: Scientists Can Now Establish Your Gender From A Fingerprint 

International Business Times: Scientists develop new technique to identify fingerprint as male of female

Homeland Security Newswire: New technique can tell whether a fingerprint belongs to a male or female

Phys.org: Chemist's technique can identify a fingerprint as male or female

HNGN: Fingerprints Could Reveal Whether A Culprit Is Male Or Female With Groundbreaking New Technique

Interesting Engineering: Researchers find a way to identify gender from fingerprints

Giz Mag: Chemistry reveals whether fingerprints came from a male or a female

Iran Daily: New technique can identify male or female fingerprint

Lab Online: Your fingerprint can reveal whether you're male or female

PR Newswire: UAlbany Chemist's Technique Can Identify a Fingerprint as Male or Female

spectroscopy NOW: Male or female: Gender fingerprinting 

                  News Channel 13:  Fingerprint Identification 

International Media: 

The Times of India - New method can identify gender from a fingerprint 

International Business Times – Australia - Scientists develop new technique to identify fingerprint as male of female 

Lab Online – Australia - Your fingerprint can reveal whether you're male or female 

Iran Daily – Iran - New technique can identify male or female fingerprint

Izvestia – Russia - Ученые нашли способ определять пол по отпечаткам пальцев

N+1 – Russia - По отпечаткам пальцев научились точно определять пол человека

Glavnoe – Ukraine - У преступников появился еще один веский повод не оставлять своих отпечатков (фото) 

Panorama – Italy - Impronte digitali svelano il sesso di chi le ha lasciate

Wiadomosci24 – Poland - Dzięki odciskom palców poznamy płeć sprawcy przestępstwa?

Naszemiasto – Poland - Odczytywanie płci z odcisków palców teraz z 99-procentową skutecznością

ZOL – China - 最新研究:新型指纹技术可以鉴别目标性别

Sina - Taiwan - 通過指紋可識別男女 準確率達99%

Canal 44 – Puerto Rico - Crean sistema para identificar el sexo con la huella dactilar 

Cuba Debate – Cuba - Científicos determinan sexo de las personas por sus huellas digitales

Prensa Latina – Cuba - Prueba química permite identificar el sexo mediante huellas digitales 

Cronica – Mexico- Crean sistema que define el sexo mediante análisis de huella dactilar 

Unocero – Mexico - ¿Es posible saber si una huella digital es de hombre o mujer?

Pura Noticia – Chile - Una prueba química revela el sexo de las huellas dactilares 

Bonde – Brazil - Cientistas conseguem definir gênero a partir de impressão digital

  •       Our research was featured on the front cover of today’s Times Union:

  •        We were also featured on CBS 6 Albany 

  • The New York Times has published an article about our most recent 
publication, do not miss it! 



 Rossie and Ami, 

you did a great job


at the 

1st Undergraduate



    here at



  The Halamek lab presented at the North Eastern      Association of  Forensic Scientist (NEAFS) meeting in  Hyannis, MA. 


  • Congratulations Juliana for being selected for one of the Ford Foundation IFW Women in Science Fellowships, available through Initiatives For Women at SUNY-Albany! 

  •  Our recent paper "Forensic determination of blood sample age using bioaffinity-based assay" was selected as a Hot Article by Analyst, and has been featured on their blog. The article is free to access for a short period of time, go check it out! 

  • The Halamek Lab is happy to share the cover page for the journal (Analyst, Issue 5) in which our article, "Forensic determination of blood sample age using a bioaffinity-based assay",  was published.

  • In November of 2014 Dr. Halamek gave a seminar for the Biology Department here at SUNY-Albany.

  • In October of 2014 Dr. Halamek was invited by the Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Science at Clarkson University to give a lecture. 

  • Dr. Halamek was invited to give a lecture in December of 2013 at the Department of Biochemistry at Masaryk University in Czech Republic.  

       2014, Vol. 6, No. 4, Pages 429-431.

                  • Analysis of blood samples on-site give investigators an early indication of suspect's ethnicity!       
This publication was highlighted by an expert panel of journal editors in the Chemistry World, which reviews the ground breaking research and important trends in 2013 year's crop of chemical science papers:

  • Biomarkers leave gender clues at crime scene     

  • Hair element distinguish ethnicity and gender (Dr. Halamek's comments)