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Halal/Haram Chocolates

Please note that most chocolates in the market are haram as they contains some or all of the following:

  • Vanilla Extract, Vanilla Flavor etc: These are haram as they contain alcohol
  • Flavoring: These may be haram as they are derived from alcohol or animal based Glycerin
  • Whey Powder: It is mostly haram
It is recommended that you always contact the manufacturer to check about the ingredients before consuming.

Halal Haram

Ritter Sports - White Whole Hazelnuts

Ritter Sports- Neopolitan Wafers
  Ritter Sports- Whole Almonds

Ritter Sports- Praline
Ritter Sports- Alpine Milk Chocolate
Ritter Sports-Extra Fine Milk Chocolate
Ritter Sports- Strawberry Yougurt
Ritter Sports- Dark Whole Hazelnuts
Ritter Sports- Raisins & hazelnuts
Ritter Sports- Butter Biscuit
Ritter Sports- Cornflakes
Ritter Sports- Fine Extra Dark Chocolate
LIDL Mr Choc - Peanut Choco Minis (Contains Vanilla Extract)
LIDL Mr Choc - Caramel Minis (Contains Vanilla Extract)
LIDL Mr Choc - Choc Choco Minis (Contains Vanilla Extract)
LIDL Mr Choc - Choco Caramel (Contains Vanilla Extract)
 Marabou - See Info (Please contact the company to confirm whether the specific Marabou chocolate is halal or haram)
  Corney Big - Dark Chocolate, Banana, Chocolate, Coconut, Cranberry, Hazelnut, Raisin and Hazelnut ( All considered haram as contain whey powder or flavorings). Flavorings are usually made from alcohol. 
  Ritter Sports- Marcipan, Ritter Sports- Dark Chocolate, Ritter Sports- Peppermint (flavoring may contain alcohol)