Welcome to Hakki's Research Group for Low-Dimensional Material Growth!

Topic 1. Rock-salt structured materials
-Chloride: NaCl, KCl, AgCl etc 
-Oxide: MgO, CaO, SrO, BaO etc 
-Nitride: TiN, CrN, SmN etc

Topic 2. Water soluble ceramic materials
-Several chlorides and oxides which has solubility in water 
(especially strong selectivity on water compare to other solvents)
-Growth mechanism of water soluble ceramic films and nano-structures
-Application to flexible function devices (display, energy, and organic devices) which need high-temperature processes

Topic 3. 2-Dimensional materials
-Growth of # of layer controlled high quality graphene sheet for gas dynamics and bio-molecule imaging.
-Study of phase transition mechanism of MoS2.
-Several 2D material growth (BN, Transition metal Di-chalcogenides (TMDCs), Silicene, etc).

Topic 4. 1 and 0-Dimensional materials
-Polarity induced nanostructure formation: nano facet (MgO), nanorods & wires (MgO, ZnO, etc).
-Transition or rare-earth metal oxide nanorod & wires (VO2, RuO2, TiO2, MoO2, WO2, and ReO3).
-Carbon nanotube growth.
-C60 synthesis and stacking of it.
-Nobel metal nanoparticles (Au, Pt, Ag, Pd etc) for plasmonic and catalytic applications.

Topic 5. Application of topic 1 ~ topic 4 materials to energy & light emitting device
-Solar cells (perovskite  solar cells, organic solar cells, etc).
-Energy harvesting devices (Piezotronics, 
triboelectric, etc).
-Anode for Li battery.

-Light emitting diode (GaN based inorganic LEDs, organic LEDs).  

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