津田塾大学 学芸学部 小野 創 (Hajime Ono)
email address ::  hajime [at] tsuda.ac.jp
last updated: 2020.2.28

I am an associate professor at the Faculty of Arts, Tsuda University, Tokyo, Japan. I am doing research on psycholinguistics (primarily on sentence processing).

I have been working on topics such as:
- processing of Wh-dependency (interrogatives and exclamatives),
- processing of scrambling sentences in Japanese,
- processing of relative clauses, 
- processing of sentences with aspectual mismatch, 
- sentence production in Japanese, and Kaqchikel language (Mayan), etc.
2014.4- Associate Professor. Tsuda University
2012.4-2014.3 Associate Professor. Kinki University
2009.4-2012.3 Assistant Professor. Kinki University
2008.4-2009.3 Assistant Professor. Kansai Gaidai University
2006.4-2008.3 Post Doc. Hiromu Sakai Lab, Hiroshima University
2006 Ph.D. in Linguistics. University of Maryland, College Park
2003 M.A. in Social Science (Linguistics). University of California, Irvine
1999 M.A. in Linguistics. University of Texas, El Paso
1997 B.A. in Liberal Arts. International Christian University, Tokyo

Postal Address 187-8577
東京都小平市津田町 2-1-1
津田塾大学 学芸学部
tel : (042) 342-5111
Faculty of Arts
Tsuda University
2-1-1 Tsuda-machi, Kodaira-shi
Tokyo, 187-8577, Japan

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[not related to research, but] 私が担当している津田塾大学の公開講座「総合」について、学生スタッフと共に取材を受け、記事になりました。朝日新聞 2020年2月19日付朝刊22面です。Asahi.com でのリンクは ここから 。< a newspaper article with photos! [2020.2.28]

The 26th International Conference on Computational Linguistics (COLING 2016) poster presentation, with Masayuki Asahara, & Edson T. Miyamoto. We present a poster about the reading time annotation for the BCCWJ (the Balanced Corpus of Contemporary Written Japanese). Please take a look at our proceedings paper from [ here ]. [2016.12.20] 

[not related to research, but] 先日、東進予備校の「Toshin Time on Web」という大学進学情報紙の取材を受けました。ゼミの授業の紹介です。ここから 。 [2016.10.12] 

ここから始める言語学プラス統計分析: クロスセクショナル統計シリーズ【4】巻

ISBN 978-4-320-11120-2 本体価格 3,900円 共立出版

Advances in Biolinguistics: The Human Language Faculty and Its Biological Basis (eds. by Koji Fujita and Cedric Boeckx) came out from Routledge, to which I contributed a paper: Ono, Nakatani and Yusa (2016).