Haiying Li, Post Doctoral Associate

Department of Educational Psychology

Graduate School of Education

Rutgers University

Office: (848) 932-0868


Haiying Li is a post doctoral associate in the Department of Educational Psychology at the Graduate School of Education at Rutgers University.

General interests include cognitive science, learning sciences, discourse processing, natural language processing, and intelligent tutoring systems.

One major specific interest pertains artificial intelligent tutoring systems, including conversation design, design of science inquiry, automated assessment (open response, summary), gaming environment, question generation, and adults’ reading intervention.

Another major interest is related to discourse processes and natural language processing, including automated text analysis tools (English and Chinese Coh-Metrix, Chinese Topic Modeling), measure of formality, text genre and text complexity, political discourse analysis, author attribution and author’s language development.

For more information, see my current C.V..