Country of Haiti

These resources are useful for understanding the people, culture, history and environment of Haiti.


World Factbook from

History, politics, economy, population demographics are all found here.  There are no photos at this site but plenty of basic information.
The data is from the World Factbook but Yahoo Kids has arranged it in an easy way to read with tabs for different subjects.

World Factbook

Another way to get the World Factbook demographic information in a different format.
The CIA website presents the data in a list format which you may prefer.  Again, there are no photographs here.

National Geographic Kids 
People and Places:Haiti

National Geographic provides information about the geography, wildlife, people and culture of Haiti.
There are a few beautiful images of Haiti in better days.

Scholastic Country Page for Haiti

This information on agriculture, ancestry, industry, religion, and much more country-specific information is provided by Scholastic but actually comes from Grolier Online The New Book of Knowledge.  It does not have photos, just the map above.

International Travel
Country information to consider before traveling to Haiti, such as safety, crime, and medical facilities.
Also Embassy information about entry and exit from the country and what documents you must have with you.
Michelle Obama traveled to Haiti in April 2010.


Toussaint Louverture and the Haitian Revolution DVD 923.17294 TOUS
PBS video  2009  60 min.
The slave revolt and the leadership of Louverture is told in this film.


Meet Our New Student from Haiti by John Torres.  2009  J 917.294 TORR
Find out how the Haitian people overcome poverty, killer storms, and mudslides to celebrate a culture rich in French, Spanish, and African history by meeting a new student from Haiti.  Clearly it was published before their greatest tragedy.

by Jean F.  Blashfield.  2008 J972.94 B644H
The history, people, geography, government and more are described in this book about Haiti.

Haiti: a question and answer book
by Jane Preszler. J917.294 PRES
This book will answer your questions about Haiti's geography, government, economy, sports, holidays, food, and arts. Learn about the founding of the worlds first black republic, VooDoo, tap-taps, rara music, and much more.

Haiti in Pictures by Margaret J. Goldstein, Margaret J. 2006  972.94 G624H
This book broadly covers all aspects of the country of Haiti (land, plants, animals, people, history, religion, etc.) with an emphasis on photography.

Haiti by Bob Temple. J 917.294 TEMP
Presents the geography, history, economy, cities and communities, and people and culture of Haiti. Includes recipes, related projects, and a calendar of festivals.