Haitian Ancient Remedies

Tea is a well know remedy for many sickness. Well in Haiti there are two types of known remedy that are used as medicine. Tea is not as popular as “L’huile Mascritis” (Mascritis oil). However there are different types of tea used for different sickness. Garlic tea is very popular, it is known to lower blood pressure. Cirtrus and Honey tea is good for a sore throat, and Ginger tea is used to lower a fever or ease a cold.

Recipe for Garlic tea

Garlic skin (dried)

1 ½ cup of water

Whole cloves


Boil the 1 ½ cup of water in a pot. Add the garlic skin and the whole cloves in the water. Let it boil together for five minutes. Let it cool then serve. (one serving).

     “L’huile Mascritis” is rubbed to aching areas of the body. It is first heated then placed in a large bowl to cool. Salt and vinegar is added to the oil. Then the substance I poured on a small towel and the towel is rubbed on the area of pain. Though this oil substance is used for this purpose many people do tend to cook with it.