Project Concept

The innovative concept design is initially instructed by Mr Tom Barca, Project Manager of Hai Thuong Humanitarian Hospital. The model shall be in commemoration of his significant contribution to humanitarian projects.

 The Smarter High Technology Hai Thuong Humanitarian Hospital


Hai Thuong Humanitarian Hospital, the 21st century hospital replacing older designs with functional versatile, modern design and function.

The modern designed Hai Thuong Hospital Building with a 500 Bed complex structure that is accessible for the Management, Medical Doctors, Nurses Staff, Maintenance Personnel, Clients, Suppliers and patients. The functionality of this design provides for the Patients both in/out with minimal interference with the Hospital operational day to day running.

Diagnostic, Laboratories, Imaging, Emergency Rooms, Surgery, and Cure/Treatment./Recovery areas are strategically optimized within its layout plan, inclusive of entrance of service vehicles to catering and medical supply unit sections.

Each patient room has access to open atmosphere to enhance the recovery of patients and to give the inspiration of vitality that is so desired when being treated or cared for.

Hai Thuong Humanitarian Hospital in its field of endeavor for the disadvantaged people within the community’s and being the primal direction can bring about the best care and treatment for all patients due to the careful planning and functionality of the design.

Each individual building will have modern finishes with structural angled glass to provide a controlled natural lighting without damaging UV, thus providing heat reduction at same time.

The accessibility of all outside areas such as emergency entrance, car park, heliport, canteen, roadways, and landscaped rest areas has been planned at its best function and utilization.

The healthcare facility, energy saving measures, the cost reduction strategies with hospital safety and patient safety is a part of The Hai Thuong Humanitarian Hospital strategy in this Design

The new model building will provide a paramount comfort level for all patients, visitors and guest.

The design allows  latest technology implementations e.g. roof top slim line  Helix Vertical Wind Generators, LED Lighting, Sonic Water Treatment (Chemical Free) inclusive of Solar Energy and most importantly a Bio Waste Management System for which the by-product becomes a commodity and of course the various medical devices

Hai Thuong Humanitarian Hospital in its Design will not complicate patient visitor access whereby one is disorientated within any given unit/section of its layout.

Each unit comprises of its function and service without traffic hindrance especially around diagnostic and treatment areas; this is reflected in the breadth of the modern and smarter hospital Design Layout..

The smarter hospital design allows for expansion additions this in view is a platform standard for such times in comparison to older outdated designs whose eventual additions are complicated and cumbersome or in most cases, obsolete and dysfunctional with high maintenance resulting in constant cost outlays.

The aim of achievement by design is to offer high quality health care and treatment in a high quality comfortable bright vibrant Hospital across both indoor and outdoor environments.

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